High Speed Rail Coordination

In 2009, following voter approval of $9 billion to plan and construct the state’s high-speed rail system, Caltrain entered into an agreement with the California High-Speed Rail Authority to work in partnership to advance Caltrain corridor improvements that would support improved Caltrain service and high-speed rail service. Coordination with the California High-Speed Rail Authority (identified as the Peninsula Rail Program) is managed through the Caltrain Modernization Program. 

                    Memorandum of Understanding 
                    Agreement, 2009 
                    Amendment #1 to Agreement, Oct. 2009

Blended System Concept
To support both Caltrain and HSR in the peninsula rail corridor, project concepts originally contemplated were based on a four-track rail system which would require major track expansion and fostering significant concerns about impacts to local communities.

In 2011, a proposal was made by U.S. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, State Senator Joe Simitian and State Assemblyman Rich Gordon to implement a smaller project with less impacts - a “Blended System” in the Caltrain corridor. The blended system would support integrated high-speed rail and modernized Caltrain service on shared tracks in order to maximize the use of existing infrastructure, which is primarily a two-track system. This approach would keep the project substantially within the existing Caltrain right-of-way and minimize impacts to communities.

In response, Caltrain conducted a capacity analysis, which determined that a blended system is operationally viable. Additional analysis will be conducted to explore the overall feasibility of the concept. 

                     Capacity Analysis Press Release
                     Capacity Analysis Summary Scope of Work
                     Capacity Analysis Preliminary Findings Presentation
        NEW! Final Caltrain/California HSR Blended Operations Analysis                

What’s Next?

Caltrain is currently focusing on the following three efforts:

  1. Moving forward with a planning process for developing a vision/project for the peninsula corridor;
  2. Conducting additional service plan/operational analysis to supplement the capacity analysis; and
  3. Conducting a grade crossing and traffic analysis to identify needed crossing upgrades to support the blended system

The planning process and summary scope of work for the planning efforts are here:

            Planning Process   (updated March 2012)                     
            Service Plan Operations Considerations Summary Scope of Work
            Grade Crossing and Traffic Study Summary Scope of Work


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