San Bruno Construction Photos

This trench will be drained and filled with a specially formulated lightweight concrete which will support the elevated structure and bear the weight of the elevated rail.

Crews installing plastic sheeting in preparation for pouring the concrete foundation.

An excavator loads a truck with dirt, creating the trench which will become the foundation of the project.

The steel girders crowning the underpass provide structural support.

SBGS new pics
Concrete has been poured as part of the foundation for the San Bruno Grade Separation Project.

Photo 6
The placement of a new wall being constructed.

photo 7
Crews working on the ground anchor for the structural support of the new grade separation.

photo 8
Stair forms for the grade separation project.

photo 9
Euclid Avenue pedestrian tunnel.

Crews reconstructing the new Posey Park.

Trains began running on the new, elevated tracks over the Memorial Day weekend.

Trains are now operating on the grade separated tracks.