Quint Street Project

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Scope & Need
Caltrain will remove the existing Quint Street Bridge which is over 100 years old and is at the end of its useful life with a new berm. The current bridge is deemed structurally deficient, does not meet existing seismic safety standards and must be replaced to ensure the safety of community members and Caltrain passengers.  The new berm will be designed to allow for a potential Caltrain station to be located at Oakdale Avenue in the future.  

The contract for the Quint Street Bridge Replacement project was awarded to Shimmick Construction Company, Inc. in August 2015.

 Quint Street Project Construction Update

Construction of the Quint Street Project has been completed.


Closure of Quint Street between Newcomb and Jerrold Avenues began on October 5, 2015. During the closure, Caltrain has established traffic rerouting signs for pedestrians and motorists to help with traffic flow.

Construction Impacts

Work to replace the bridge with a new berm will begin in November 2015 and is expected to last 6 months. Closure of Quint Street between Jerrold Avenue and Oakdale Avenue is expected to begin on September 28, 2015 (or after). The San Francisco County Transportation Authority’s Quint-Jerrold Connector Road project will follow the berm construction. The planned connector road will link Quint Street, just north of Oakdale Avenue, to Jerrold Avenue via a new road along the west side of the Caltrain tracks. More information regarding the Quint-Jerrold Connector Road project can be found at 

During the closure, Caltrain will establish traffic rerouting signs for pedestrians and motorists to help with traffic flow. Please see traffic rerouting map below for details. 

While a majority of the work will be completed during the day, in order to maintain rail operations, night and weekend work will be required for some construction activities.

Quint Street Overhead Compressed

Quint Street Rerouting Map

Public Outreach & Community Engagement

In partnership with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, Caltrain has participated in numerous community outreach events and meetings starting in 2012.  Outreach activities included several open houses, multiple presentations to community groups and commissions, and multilingual notifications through email, mailings and flyers.  

Caltrain will continue to engage the public in multiple venues to provide more information and collect feedback about the project.

Nearby residents and businesses will be notified via mail about upcoming construction impacts.  Caltrain will continue to work with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority to build awareness about the project and its impacts.

Old Quint Street Bridge

Quint Street Bridge

New Quint Street Berm

Quint Berm Photo

Project Documents

Quint Street Project Fact Sheet (PDF) - Updated 9/14/15

Project Schedule

  • Finalize Design: January 2015
  • Berm Advertise and Procurement: February 2015 – July 2015
  • Berm Construction: November 2015 – July 2016

For additional questions or concerns regarding this project, please call our dedicated Construction Outreach Line at 650.508.7726. For questions about Caltrain service, please contact our Customer Service Center at 800.660.4287

For questions regarding this project, please email