Weekly Construction Notices

Weekly Notification for the Week of June 30 to July 6, 2018

Night/Weekend Work

Weekday Work
On Monday, July 2 to Friday, July 6, crews will work on the Churchill Avenue grade crossing, including surveying, removal of asphalt, and forming and pouring concrete for the median. On Friday, July 6, crews will also work at the Charleston Grade Crossing.  

The Grade Crossing Improvements Project is a one-year project to improve the safety at 15 grade crossings (places where streets cross the tracks) along the corridor from San Francisco to San Jose. Improvements include more clearly-marked pedestrian crossings with new paint striping and lettering; tactile pavement markers; and guardrails. Medians will also be installed or improved at eight locations.
For more information please visit For questions about the project, please call the Caltrain Construction Hotline at 650.508.7726 or email