Short Range Transit Plan

Caltrain DRAFT SRTP 2015 - 2024

The below document is a complete draft of Caltrain’s Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) covering fiscal years 2015 through 2024. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) periodically requires Caltrain to produce an SRTP describing its existing and planned services and facilities following the guidelines set forth by MTC. Key materials from the draft document were presented to the Caltrain Board of Directors and the public in February and June of 2015. This draft document is currently under review by MTC and Caltrain’s partners and is also available for public review and comment. Caltrain staff intends to bring a final document to the Board for adoption in October of 2015. Please direct any comments or questions to Sebastian Petty, Senior Planner, at

Caltrain SRTP 2009 - 2018

Caltrain SRTP 2008 - 2017

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