Bicycle Access and Parking Plan

To download a copy of the Draft Bicycle Access and Parking Plan click on the links below.

Plan only (PDF, 1.72 MB)
Appendicies only:
Appendix A (PDF, 85KB)
Appendix B: Part 1 San Francisco County (PDF, 2.79MB)
Appendix B: Part 2 San Mateo County (PDF, 3.97MB)
Appendix B: Part 3 Santa Clara County (PDF, 2.98MB)
Appendices C-H (PDF, 1.02MB)

In developing the plan, Caltrain sought extensive public comments from the public through a series of station workshops, three community meetings, a number of technical advisory group meetings, as well as two public comment periods. To view the summary comments from the Key Findings summarized at the August 2008 board meeting, and the summary comments and responses to the Draft Bicycle Access and Parking plan, please click on the links below:

Summary of Comments On Key Findings (PDF, 14.3 KB)
Summary of Comments On Draft Bike Plan (PDF, 15.3 KB)

The final plan will be presented to the Caltrain Board for approval at its Oct. 2, 2008 meeting.

The Bicycle Access and Parking Plan focuses on improvements for bicycle parking and access at Caltrain stations. It also provides detailed analysis of the following stations: :

- San Francisco
- Redwood City
- 22nd St
- Palo Alto
- Millbrae
- Mountain View
- San Mateo
- Sunnyvale
- Hillsdale
- San Jose

The main elements of the plan include analysis and recommendations for the following:

  • System-wide issues
  • Station-specific issues
  • Innovative concepts such as real-time information, bike-sharing, congestion pricing and folding bike subsidies
  • Bike parking guidelines
  • Bike access design guidelines

For an overview of the Bicycle Access and Parking Plan process, please download the following presentation from the Aug. 7, 2008 Board of Directors meeting. Bicycle Plan Presentation (12 pages, Power Point, 468 KB)

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