Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project

Capacity Increase Background Information

The Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project (PCEP) will provide significant capacity enhancements for Caltrain by providing more trains in the peak hour and implementing a more efficient schedule that would provide consistent, attractive service with more frequent stops without sacrificing travel time.

Caltrain will be able to provide an enhanced service schedule because electric trains (EMUs) can accelerate and decelerate more quickly than diesel-powered trains, allowing Caltrain to run more efficiently. The performance advantages of electric trains will enable more frequent and/or faster train service to more riders. Electric trains also allow for future expansion of train lengths without degrading reliability or performance. 

When Caltrain measures the true capacity benefits of the PCEP, we consider total system capacity not just the number of seats on a single train or a single peak hour.    

Capacity Improvements Chart

The chart below (updated with 2017 numbers) demonstrates that real world capacity benefits (seats plus standing room) offer an even greater increase than seats alone. The chart doesn’t show the additional capacity increases that are gained when you factor in PCEP turnover rate (with electric trains Caltrain will be able to implement a more efficient schedule and pickup and drop off additional passengers on a single trip) and all day increased service. A chart with that additional information is coming soon. To download this chart, click here

 EMU capacity graphic