The Caltrain Modernization Program includes the electrification of the existing Caltrain corridor between San Francisco and San Jose; the installation of a Communications Based Overlay Signal System Positive Train Control (CBOSS PTC), which is an advanced signal system that includes federally-mandated safety improvements; and the replacement of Caltrain’s diesel trains with high-performance electric trains called Electric Multiple Units.

The $1.9 billion program is funded through a nine-party agreement and a seven-party agreement that leverages local, regional and federal funding.

The Advanced Signal System has completed construction activities and is now in the testing phase. In January 2015, environmental process was completed on the Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project (electrification and new electric trains). The next steps include procuring project delivery teams and continuing community education and engagement about the project and upcoming work. The Project is scheduled to be complete in 2022.

Caltrain Modernization Arrow Infographic

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