Business Plan

As Caltrain moves forward with electrification it is time to examine the big questions like "what’s next – what will the rail corridor look like in the future? How can Caltrain meet demand and provide the maximum value to its customers, communities and the region? How can the railroad financially support its ongoing operations, maintenance and growth?"

We are developing the Caltrain Business Plan to answer these questions. The Business Plan is an in-depth technical and policy document that will set the direction for the future of the railroad. The Business Plan builds on the railroad’s existing commitments and projects and covers new ground to help us define how both the Caltrain service and corridor should grow and change for years to come.

We are early in the Business Plan process and the full scope of the effort is still under development. However, we believe the Business Plan may address the following subjects:

  • Future service levels and patterns;
  • Infrastructure needs;
  • Organizational strategies and contracting considerations;
  • The railroad’s interactions, benefits and impacts with surrounding communities.

These are momentous – even historic – days for Caltrain. The Caltrain Business Plan is the first step in ensuring that we maximize the value of electrification for our customers and our region and provide an unprecedented level of service.

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