IMPORTANT NOTICE: A new Caltrain timetable went into effect October 5, 2014. All developers who wish to be listed on MUST fill out the DLA/PP form (see below).

For more information on the timetable changes effective October 5, click HERE.

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To download the latest official Caltrain GTFS file, all developers are required to fill out the application form HERE.

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11/13/2014 EDIT:Corrected issue where Tamien Station appears twice in the Stop_Times file for certain trips.
10/6/2014 EDIT: Corrected omissions of SB322 and SB274.
10/6/2014 EDIT: Corrected omission of SB268.
9/24/2014 EDIT: Fixed incorrect times and stops for Timetable Effective October 5, 2014.
9/15/2014 EDIT: Fixed Fares for Timetable Effective October 5, 2014.
9/3/2014 New Timetable Effective October 5, 2014 released.

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11/13/14 - rjc