IMPORTANT NOTICE: A new Caltrain timetable will go into effect October 5, 2014. All developers who wish to be listed on MUST fill out the DLA/PP form once the new file is available (see below). It is critical that all apps offered to our customers are accurate.

No new apps will be listed until after the GTFS file is released September 3, 2014.

For more information on the timetable changes effective October 5, click HERE.

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9/24/2014 EDIT: Fixed incorrect times and stops for Timetable Effective October 5, 2014.

All apps on must be updated by Oct. 3. To download the latest official Caltrain GTFS file, all developers are required to fill out the application form (our Developer License Agreement and Privacy Policy) HERE
9/15/2014 EDIT: Fixed Fares for Timetable Effective October 5, 2014.
9/3/2014 New Timetable Effective October 5, 2014 released.

For General Transit Feed Specification information, go HERE.

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