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#Caltrain Social News: Oct 17, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week Caltrainku Golden sun rises Train chugs past estuary Stop! Look up from phone #haiku #commute @Caltrain_News — Jamie K (@frakesy) October 17, 2014 Scottie is invaluable. SB268
Construction, Installation and Maintenance: Oct. 18 to Oct. 24, 2014

Construction There are no major construction projects at this time. Installation Communications Based Overlay Signal System (CBOSS) Positive Train Control (PTC) Project The CBOSS PTC Project is an advanced signal
Caltrain Receives FRA Approval to Proceed with New Positive Train Control System

  The Federal Railroad Administration has given Caltrain the green light to proceed with the installation and testing of its Positive Train Control technology, a “smart” system designed to prevent
Local Officials and Business Leaders Celebrate 10 Years of Baby Bullet Service

  What:          Caltrain will celebrate 10 years of Baby Bullet service with a special news conference at the San Francisco Caltrain Station. Since the express trains were introduced
Caltrain is Your Ticket to NASA’s Ames Open House Event

  Amateur astronomers and deep-space theorists can hop on Caltrain as part of their voyage to NASA’s annual open house event at the Ames Research Center. The space exploration agency
Caltrain to Run Special Service for Giants Home Playoff Games This Week

  Caltrain will provide extra capacity and run special service for Giants fans attending the team’s three home playoff games this week. The Giants will face the St. Louis Cardinals
#Caltrain Social News: Oct 10, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week "I come in peace" - LOL! Friggin squirrel is pelting me with half eaten nut berry things. Just waiting for the #caltrain I come in peace!
Sharks Fans Can Score Big By Taking Caltrain to San Jose’s Home Opener

  The San Jose Sharks’ home opener at SAP Center is set for Saturday night, and Caltrain will provide a convenient transportation option for hockey fans attending the game. The
Construction, Installation and Maintenance: Oct. 11 to Oct. 17, 2014

Construction There are no major construction projects at this time. Installation Communications Based Overlay Signal System (CBOSS) Positive Train Control (PTC) Project The CBOSS PTC Project is an advanced signal
Caltrain Provides Convenient Service to Sporting Events at Levi’s Stadium

From football games—both professional and amateur—to international soccer matches and even outdoor hockey contests, Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara plays host to an array of exhilarating athletic events. And with
Giants Fans Can Take Caltrain to AT&T Park For Playoff Game Tonight

The Giants might have missed their chance to move on in the postseason yesterday, but Caltrain will be a guaranteed win for fans travelling to the team’s playoff game tonight.
Caltrain Gets Clearance to Proceed with Design/Build Plans for Electrification

This week, Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., signed legislation that allows the Caltrain electrification project to proceed as a design/build project. The design/build procurement method allows agencies to combine design
Giants Fans Can Take Caltrain to AT&T Park For Playoff Game Today

Giants fans can take Caltrain to today’s playoff game at AT&T Park, where the home team will look to advance in the postseason. First pitch for the team’s game against
#Caltrain Social News: Oct 3, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week The kid's got game, for sure. "You should really take up clarinet. It's made me a better person." - Kid dropping sweet game to a girl
Take the Train to the Port – Redwood City Port Fest Oct. 4

Sailors and landlubbers alike can go multi-modal by taking Caltrain to the Redwood City PortFest , Saturday, Oct. 4. A free shuttle, courtesy of the festival organizers, will serve the Redwood
Caltrain Launches Suicide-Prevention Page

In recognition of Railroad Safety Month, Caltrain has launched a special page on its website dedicated to suicide prevention information and outreach.  The webpage, includes a crisis hotline number
Reminder to Caltrain Customers: Scheduling Changes Coming Oct. 5

Caltrain is reminding customers that changes to scheduling and paper ticket fares will be implemented in October. Beginning on October 5, Caltrain will adjust its timetable to improve reliability and
Caltrain to Hold Meeting on Thursday about San Mateo Bridges Project

Caltrain will host a community meeting on Thursday to inform area residents about the progress and next steps of its San Mateo Bridges Replacement Project. The forum will include new
Caltrain Launches Suicide-Prevention Page

What: As part of Railroad Safety Month, Caltrain is launching a special page on its website dedicated to suicide prevention information and outreach. The page, under the rail safety menu, includes
#Caltrain Social News: Sept 26, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week - #CaltrainManners Edition Those go on the floor, thanks. Dry heaving at my current view so you all have to suffer with me. #caltrain —
Hockey Season Is Back! Take Caltrain to Sharks Preseason Opener

With the San Jose Diridon Station just a short walk from the SAP Center , Caltrain is the perfect travel option for hockey fans itching to watch their beloved Sharks when
#Caltrain Social News: Sept. 19, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week Well, game's over. You found us. Why have I not known about #caltrain before?! This is the best way to get from SF to San
Truly Enjoy the San Mateo Wine Walk By Taking SamTrans or Caltrain

The Wine Walk in San Mateo is back, and vino connoisseurs can revel in the gathering by taking Caltrain or SamTrans to the 18 th annual event on Saturday, Sept.
Caltrain to Adjust Schedule and Paper Ticket Fares

Beginning Sunday, Oct. 5, Caltrain will adjust its timetable to improve reliability and accommodate upcoming construction work along the rail corridor. It also will increase the cost of tickets purchased
#Caltrain Social News: Sept 12, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week One does not "touch an iPhone 6," iPhone 6 chose you to touch it. Touched an iPhone 6 on the Caltrain today. #OnlyInSF — Pamela
Caltrain Providing Special Service For 49ers’ Regular Season Home Opener

Coming off a stirring opening-season victory against the Cowboys, the 49ers will introduce their new stadium to a national audience on Sunday night, and Caltrain will be providing special service
Caltrain To Collect Public Feedback for New Electric Trains

Caltrain is asking the public to provide feedback and input on design details of its future fleet of Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) trains. The EMU trains will replace approximately 75
#Caltrain Social News: Sept 5, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week Nice bike tag art! I really appreciate the aesthetics embodied in the design of this #Caltrain destination tag — Raeying (@raeying) September 5, 2014
Caltrain Marks Rail Safety Month by Adding Suicide Prevention Resources to Website

Caltrain kicked off its annual rail safety observance today with the adoption of a proclamation declaring September Railroad Safety Month.  This year the commuter railroad will highlight its continuing efforts
Caltrain To Purchase Additional Rail Cars

Caltrain announced plans to purchase 16 surplus Metrolink rail cars at today’s Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board.  The additional cars will be used to extend train sets and provide more
Transit District General Manager Announces Retirement

After nearly 50 years in public transportation, including 15 years leading the San Mateo County Transit District, Michael J. Scanlon on Wednesday informed the District Board of Directors he is
Deadline to Comment on Caltrain's Strategic Plan is Aug. 29

Caltrain has been collecting feedback from the public on its draft Strategic Plan since October, but there are only two more days left to offer input on the policy document.
#Caltrain Social News: August 22, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week PLEASE submit this to the Caltrain Strategic Plan. Caltrain idea: someone selling pb&j sandwiches during lunch hours because think of all the starving SJ to
Take Caltrain to 49ers’ First Game at Levi’s® Stadium on Sunday

Caltrain will be providing special service to the San Francisco 49ers’ long-awaited debut at Levi’s ® Stadium on Sunday. The 49ers will square off against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos
Transit District Pleased To See DA Investigation Concluded

The San Mateo County Transit District issued the following statement in response to the news release from the San Mateo County District Attorney’s office regarding the finance and accounting practices
#Caltrain Social News: Aug 8, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week Well, not Caltrain, but the area is. Or so we hear. OH on Caltrain: "So this is it? This is startup Mecca?" — Spencer Yen
Caltrain Board Approves Capital Budget; Focus on Infrastructure Needs

Caltrain’s Board of Directors unanimously approved a 43.6 million capital budget, which will provide funding for bridge repair work in San Mateo, new safety improvements on the rail system and
Don’t Miss a Beat By Taking Caltrain to AT&T Park for Jay Z and Beyoncé Concerts Next Week

Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and his wife, rhythm and blues superstar Beyonc é , will play two shows next week at AT&T Park in San Francisco, and Caltrain will be providing special
Take Caltrain to New Levi’s® Stadium to see San Jose Earthquakes Game on Aug. 2

While the 49ers debut at the new Levi’s ® Stadium in Santa Clara may still be a few weeks away, fans can get a sneak preview of the facility by taking
#Caltrain Social News: June 25, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week Oh good. Us too. I do love taking Caltrain again. — Ryan Riddle (@iryan) July 23, 2014 It's Friday. Now who looks silly? I think
Caltrain All Set To Kick Off Levi's® Stadium Service

Three preseason events at Levi's ®  Stadium will give sports fans a chance to try out Caltrain service before the 49ers kick off their inaugural season at the new venue Sept.
Caltrain On Deck to Provide Service for New Giants Adjusted Start Time on Sunday

The Giants are in the midst of a heated pennant race, and ESPN has taken note by rescheduling the team’s Sunday game against their archrival, the Los Angeles Dodgers, to
#Caltrain Social News: July 18, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week We just control-alt-delete those bad boys. Fixes 'em right up. #Caltrain reboot worked. Doors working again. The old Windows trick is still rockin' and rollin'
Caltrain to Upgrade Public Address Systems at Four Stations

Caltrain is set to improve the customer experience of its passengers by upgrading the Public Address (PA) systems at its San Francisco 22 nd Street, South San Francisco, Sunnyvale and
#Caltrain Social News: July 11, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week Tell us about it... I need a sticker for my laptop - "my other office is caltrain" — Emile Petrone (@emilepetrone) July 10, 2014 Caltrain, of
Caltrain Board Unanimously Approves Fare Changes

The Caltrain Board of Directors at its July meeting approved a series of changes to its codified tariff, the legal document that dictates Caltrain’s fare policies. The board approved the
SamTrans and Caltrain Service for the Fourth of July Holiday

On the Fourth of July, SamTrans and Caltrain will operate on Sunday schedules.  Caltrain will offer extra service for Independence Day fireworks in San Francisco. Following the fireworks, the first
Take Caltrain to Opera in the Ballpark this Saturday

Opera at the Ballpark returns to San Francisco this weekend, and Caltrain will be providing music lovers with service to the event at AT&T Park. The San Francisco Opera will
#Caltrain Social News: June 27, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week Bring on Belgium! I'm loving all the red, white, and blue on Caltrain today. #IBelieveThatWeWillWin #USMNT Go USA!! — Ms Eight (@Ms_Eight) June 26, 2014
Caltrain’s the Kicker for Service to Earthquake’s Game on Saturday

The nation is currently reveling in World Cup fever, but the United States squad isn’t the only team excelling at soccer right now. On Saturday, the San Jose Earthquakes will
Caltrain Offers Weekend Service to SF Pride Festival

Bay Area residents headed to the Annual San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade Saturday, June 28 and Sunday, June 29 can avoid traffic and parking hassles by taking Caltrain to
Caltrain Applauds Passage of State Budget with Strong Transportation Funding

Last week, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a 108 billion state budget that includes a 1.7 billion investment in public transportation and transportation improvements and lays the framework for additional transportation
Caltrain is Music to Your Ears For Opera at the Ballpark

Fans of Italian master composer Giuseppe Verdi know that Caltrain is a pitch perfect travel option for Opera at the Ballpark event at AT&T Park. The San Francisco Opera will
#Caltrain Social News: June 20, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week Love is in the... oh, nevermind. Well hello cute guy on train.. That I'll never get the courage to talk to lol #firstworldproblems #dangit #Caltrain
Join Local Leaders in Dumping the Pump Tomorrow!

If you commit to leaving your car at home for Dump the Pump Day tomorrow, you may spot one of your local city council members of county supervisors doing the
#Caltrain Social News: June 13, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week Indeed. Come on Caltrain riders, you can do better than this. — Ms Eight (@Ms_Eight) June 12, 2014 Please move your bags off seats
Local Leaders Leave Cars At Home For Dump the Pump

SamTrans and Caltrain are asking Bay Area transit leaders to demonstrate how easy it is to replace a car trip with a transit trip for Dump the Pump Day Thursday,
Mountain View Grade Crossing Closed for Maintenance Work

The Castro Street grade crossing in Mountain View will be closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic from 8 p.m., Friday, June 20 until 4 a.m., Monday June 23. The closure
#Caltrain Social News: June 6, 2014

Caltrain Tweets of the Week Please let Jessica on first, thanks. Anyone who thinks they can muscle ahead of me getting on the Caltrain has no idea who they're dealing
Caltrain Board Adopts Balanced Operating Budget

Caltrain’s Board of Directors today adopted a Fiscal Year 2015 operating budget that is fully balanced and requires no cuts in service and no fare increases. The FY2015 budget depends
Caltrain Board to Hold Special Meeting, 9:30 a.m., June 5

The Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board of Directors (JPB), the policy board responsible for oversight of Caltrain service between San Francisco and Gilroy, will hold a special board meeting starting
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 5-30-14

It's weird because journeys are also about chicken sandwiches. Some might ask why I caught Caltrain to Sunnyvale just to eat a chicken sandwich. Well, It's about the journey, not
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 5-30-14

Take SamTrans and Caltrain to the County Fair

Families are the focus of the San Mateo County Fair this year, to be held June 7 -15 at the San Mateo County Event Center. Families can turn their annual
Use Transit to Ride Off into the Sunset Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park

Enjoy a weekend of food, wine, travel and gardening demonstrations by taking SamTrans and Caltrain to the annual Sunset Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park. The event, staged by Sunset Magazine,
What Do You Think? Caltrain Solicits Public Input on Strategic Plan

What changes to Caltrain service do you think we should strive for? What safety and security concerns do you have? What are your thoughts about future capital investments in the
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 5-23-14

Doh! Realizing you're parked in MV once you arrive in SJ.. #caltrain problems — emileu (@emileu529) May 21, 2014 A boss is a boss, sweaty or not.. Just ran from FIDI
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 5-23-14

The Palo Alto station cafe is a very nice place to enjoy an espresso. This photo captures that feeling. Thanks to @gascasf for the nice black and white shot.
Caltrain, SamTrans to Operate Sunday Schedules for Memorial Day

Caltrain and SamTrans will operate on Sunday schedules for the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 26. Caltrain will operate 32 trains between San Francisco and San Jose, which includes
Who Rides Caltrain? Passenger Count & Survey Important Source of Info

With more than 50,000 riders on an average weekday, Caltrain is enjoying the highest ridership in its 150 year history. Who those riders are and what they think of Caltrain
Caltrain Modernization Takes Another Step Forward

The Caltrain Modernization Program took an important step forward this week with the release of the Request for Qualification for the contract for the electrification portion of the project that
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 6-16-2014

Making trains faster, the power of Friday. Not sure why but #caltrain this morning seems faster than normal. But then again maybe I'm extra optimistic for #tgif — Sophia D
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 5-16-14

Where are we goin? Good color and energy got this bad boy the IGOTW nod. Thnx to @mrlovlie .
Caltrain Seeks Comment on Proposed Changes to Fees for Parking, Paper Tickets & Go Pass and Youth Age

Caltrain will be holding public meetings and a public hearing to seek comments on several proposed changes to its Codified Tariff, which outlines its fare policy. The public hearing will
Caltrain Comes in First in the Race to Bay to Breakers

Runners, volunteers and participants of all stripes can get a head start to Bay to Breakers on Sunday by taking Caltrain to San Francisco’s most famous road race. Four special
Do It Yourself By Taking Transit to Maker Faire in San Mateo This Weekend

Creative types will want to get onboard Caltrain and SamTrans for service to the Maker Faire , an event celebrating all types of explorers, tinkerers and inventors. The two-day, family-friendly event
San Bruno, Caltrain and the TA Celebrate Grade Separation Completion

The community of San Bruno gathered today to celebrate the completion of a project that transforms the entrance to its downtown and improves rail safety for the city and for
Caltrain Board Appoints Director Jerry Deal to Transbay Joint Powers Authority

Caltrain’s Board of Directors has appointed Jerry Deal to serve as its representative on the Transbay Joint Powers Authority , the body responsible for overseeing a new intermodal terminal called the
Local Officials, Businesses and Organizations To Welcome New San Bruno Station With Special Event on Saturday

What:          Caltrain is celebrating the completion of the San Bruno Grade Separation Project with a special community event on Saturday, May 10. The event will feature speeches from
Caltrain Celebrates Bike to Work Week With a Race

Caltrain knows that cycling is an integral part of the commute for Bay Area residents, particularly for those making that “last mile” connection between transit stops and their work and
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 5-2-14

Architecture often makes good Instagramming. Here's one example from the Millbrae station. Thanks to IGer @norac for the cool shot.
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 5-2-14

Help those poor people. I feel like I need to do an intervention to this conversation I’m overhearing on Caltrain. Guys Java is not Javascript. — Chris Burnor (@chrisburnor) May
Caltrain Recommends Balanced Operating Budget

At its May Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board meeting, Caltrain staff presented board members with a preliminary Fiscal Year 2015 budget that is fully balanced and requires no cuts in
Caltrain Seeks Volunteers for its Community Advisory Committee

The Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, the entity that manages Caltrain, is seeking volunteers from San Francisco and San Mateo counties to apply for its Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week - 4-25-14

Hmmm, well let's see what others may suggest... Will I ever find love on the Caltrain? *sigh* — Jessica A (@J_applez) April 24, 2014 Ballgown on Caltrain, that's certain to
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 4-25-2014

Self-proclaimed human, @erinishuman , snapped another classic "Caltrain vs Gray Skies" shot. Suckers for that.
Caltrain to Celebrate New San Bruno Station With Special Event May 10

What:          Caltrain is celebrating the completion of the San Bruno Grade Separation Project with a special community event on Saturday, May 10. The event will feature speeches from
Caltrain Conducts Rail Safety Blitz

As part of its commitment to rail safety, Caltrain will be at several train stations in the coming weeks to educate riders about safety around railroad tracks. The outreach campaign
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 4-18-2014

"One day, Caltrain!!! One day I'll get you!" - Little Dog Just saw a little dog attempt to chase the Caltrain baby bullet train I'm riding. Behind a fence so no
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 4-18-2014

We couldn't have taken a better selfie if our arms were 22 feet long. Thanks to IGer @roz99 .
Caltrain to Cap Off 150th Celebrations with Customer Appreciation Event

Caltrain’s series of celebrations marking 150 years of passenger rail service in the Peninsula will wind down with a customer appreciation event in San Francisco and San Jose on April
Celebrate Another Sharks’ Playoff Run By Riding Caltrain to the SAP Center

For the 10 th straight year, the Sharks will be competing in the National Hockey League playoffs, and San Jose fans hungry for that elusive Stanley Cup will be riding
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 4-11-2014

We've always got a seat for Karl the Fog. @KarlTheFog is looking for a ride on the Caltrain. — Chris Pesto (@pesto) April 10, 2014 Good friends, including with
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 4-11-2014

The Palo Alto rail bridge near the old El Palo Alto tree. By @sokokyu.
Score a Touchdown by Taking Caltrain to Stanford’s Spring Football Game

The college football season may still be several months away but that doesn’t mean that Stanford fans can’t still catch a glimpse of their team in action. The Cardinal squad,
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 4-4-14

Is there a gardener in the house? Ack I'm on the #caltrain platform and the biggest earthworm ever is inching toward me. — Lizzy Goldstein (@eeg224) April 4, 2014
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 4-4-2014

Interesting coloration on this image of Fourth & King Station in San Francisco. Thnx to IGer @94thday for the cool shot.
Giants Fans Know That Caltrain is the Right Call for Team’s Home Opener

Before they chow on their hot dogs and order up their peanuts, seasoned Giants fans will know to take Caltrain to the team’s home opener at AT&T Park on Tuesday.
SamTrans/Caltrain Celebrate Earth Day with Sustainable Scavenger Hunt

celebration of Earth Day, April 22, SamTrans and Caltrain are inviting people to participate in an environmental scavenger hunt. The virtual scavenger hunt asks people to submit photos, either digital
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 3-28-14

We are all weirdos to someone else. I see the weirdest people at the Caltrain station... Guess the look at me the same way aha — Louie.V (@LouieVmusic) March 28,
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 3-28-14

Workers in Sunnyvale are removing a fence and they were captured in this stellar Instagram by @dkirker .
Caltrain to Host Rail Safety Themed Reddit Ask Me Anything on April 1

With Caltrain’s ridership continuing to surge and the Bay Area population growing, Caltrain is hosting a rail safety themed Reddit - Ask Me Anything discussion to encourage an open dialogue about
Caltrain is Ready to Take Fans to AT&T Park for the Return of Baseball This Week

Baseball is coming back AT&T Park this week, and like always, Caltrain will be the transportation service of choice for Giants’ fans attending the games. The Giants will wind down
Caltrain to Begin Serving New San Bruno Station on April 1

Caltrain passengers will soon have access to the new grade separated San Bruno Station. The elevated station will be open to the public beginning April 1. Since 2010, Caltrain customers
Caltrain to Hold Rail Safety Virtual Townhall To Answer Questions About Safety Near Trains

In the wake of extensive news coverage resulting from a frightening video showing a person ducking under a gate and running across the tracks, narrowly avoiding being struck by an
Hit it Out of the Park by Taking Caltrain to Giants’ Games This Season

After a long winter, baseball is returning to the Bay Area next week and fans can once again rely on Caltrain to carry them to all of the Giants’ home
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 3-14-2014

Millions of man hours and dollars went into that thirst-quenching livecam. Amount of infrastructure required for me to see my coworker drink bottled water while on a videoconference from Caltrain:
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 3-14-2014

One of the more striking "Caltrain and clouds" Instagrams. Great shot by @alexrhone .
Bloom into the Spring Season by Taking Transit to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

What better way is there to celebrate the start of spring than by taking transit to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show in San Mateo next week? The annual
Take Caltrain to St. Patrick’s Day Parade in San Francisco

Go green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by taking Caltrain to San Francisco this Saturday. The 163 rd annual St. Patrick’s Day parade is taking place at 11:30 a.m., and
Take Caltrain to San Jose Earthquakes Games This Season

Soccer fans can get their kicks in this season by skipping traffic and taking Caltrain to San Jose Earthquakes home games at Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara. The Earthquakes’
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 3-7-2014

Sounds like they need a vacation... oh, wait. On @caltrain . packed. Couple standing in aisle next 2 me is having that convo where she wants 2 go on trip 2gether.
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 3-7-2014

Nice effects on this Instagram of locomotive #915, by @danamo .
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 2-28-2014

C'mon! Sing along! "Ain't no mountains high enough ain't no caltrain long enough ain't no lake merced wide enough to keep me from gettin to you babe" — Bachmaneater (@BrookeBachman)
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 2-28-2014

The Giants train wrap and surroundings in this image create quite the wide ranging color profile. Thnx to @cmoticon .
Caltrain Releases Electrification Project Draft Environmental Impact Report

Caltrain today released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the planned electrification of the Caltrain corridor between San Jose and San Francisco, a major milestone in the railroad’s efforts
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 2-21-2014

See? We're all not terrible. Faith in humanity restored: Stranger paid for my caltrain ticket #faithinhumanityrestored #blessed — Shirley Alonso (@artkidshirley) February 21, 2014 Those things have no horsepower, his
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 2-21-2014

There is dignity in riding the train. Thnx to @phumtran .
San Mateo County Transit District to Participate in Transform Summit

Transform, a regional transportation advocacy organization, will hold its second annual “Let’s Get Moving Silicon Valley” summit on Saturday. The conference will take place at the Avenidas Senior Center in
Take Caltrain to Disney on Ice at SAP Center Feb. 19 - 23

Make getting there part of the fun by taking Caltrain to the SAP Center Feb. 19 - 23 to see Disney on Ice: Rockin’ Ever After at the indoor arena located
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 2-14-2014

Super sweet. Happy Valentine's Day to them. Just helped a 85yr old couple buy their day pass valentines date on #Caltrain to San Francisco. That made my day #HappyValentinesDay —
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 2-14-2014

There is something about the bold colors of Caltrain that works so well against a gray sky. Thnx to @momopad .
Commuting on Caltrain Leads to Love and Marriage for These Passengers

Caltrain may consider adopting a new slogan for this Valentine’s Day: Matchmaker. With its long, quiet rides to work and ample opportunities to meet new and interesting people, Caltrain can
Celebrate The Year Of The Horse By Taking Caltrain To San Francisco

Revelers attending the Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year’s Festival & Parade in San Francisco can celebrate the Year of the Horse without the headache of traffic and parking by taking
Site Clearing Work Begins On San Mateo Bridges Replacement Project

A vegetation removal crew will begin the initial site clearing work this week along four Caltrain crossings as part of the rail agency’s San Mateo Bridge Replacement Project. The four
SamTrans, Caltrain To Adjust Schedules For Presidents Day Holiday

Caltrain will operate on a modified schedule consisting of 44 trains for the Presidents Day Holiday on Monday, Feb. 17. SamTrans will operate a regular, non-school day schedule for the
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 2-7-14

Interweb award winner... Riding Caltrain! — Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove) February 7, 2014 It's the rain. Flamingos love it. There is a guy on Caltrain with a stuffed flamingo on
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 2-7-14

Those rain clouds looked too sweeeeeet to pass up. Thnx to @rauzaval for the shot.
Catch Caltrain to AT&T Park This Weekend for KNBR Giant’s Fan Fest

With the start of spring training just a few weeks away, baseball fans can get back into the swing of things by taking Caltrain to AT&T Park on Saturday for
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 1-24-2014

We have feelings too, you know. #caltrain has apparently had it with me talking smack - passing baby bullet just blew my new hat off & all the way down the
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 1-24-2014

This view of Bayshore felt alien to us. Thnx to @ziyaxo .
Historian to Speak Jan. 25 in Honor of Caltrain's 150th

Peter A. Hansen, a railroad historian who writes for both scholarly and popular publications, will discuss the enormous technological breakthrough brought about by the invention of the railroad during a
A Short Trip On Caltrain Could Take You Far

Your dream vacation is just a short ride away on Caltrain and VTA’s light rail.  Start your planning at the Bay Area Travel and Adventure Show at the Santa Clara
Caltrain Celebrates Past, Looks Forward to Future Jan. 18

Caltrain celebrated 150 years of passenger rail service between San Francisco and San Jose today with a community celebration that included a special train, speeches by elected officials and dignitaries,
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 1-17-2014

We'll see you next week in RED & GOLD! Seattle transit, sheesh. OK @Caltrain_News , @Seahawks win, your boss poses for pic in Seahawk gear. @49ers win, our boss poses in your
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 1-17-2014

This image of the San Carlos depot, one of seven historic stations along the Caltrain line, seemed appropriate with the 150th Anniversary celebration this weekend in Santa Clara. Thanks to
Caltrain Instagram of the Week 1-10-14

We couldn't pass up this cute little girl enjoying a ride on Caltrain. Thanks to IGer @sdelong74 .
#Caltrain Tweets of the Week 1-10-14

Honk honk. Honking our way through Silicon Valley #caltrain — Martin Hentschel (@hemasail) January 10, 2014 Who won? Impromptu race down 4th with random lady to catch Caltrain #normalday —
Caltrain Celebrates Past, Looks Forward to Future Jan. 18

What:          The public is invited to celebrate 150 years of rail service between San Francisco and San Jose with a birthday party at the Santa Clara Caltrain Station that
Caltrain Board Elects Officers

The Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, which owns and operates Caltrain, unanimously elected Tom Nolan, board chair of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, as board chair at its meeting today. Nolan was one
Freedom Train to Run Once Again for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Continuing an annual tradition, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Association of Santa Clara will charter Caltrain as part of its “Freedom Train” celebration on Monday, Jan. 20. The train
Caltrain Board Reviews Annual Budget And Ridership Numbers

Rail Agency Sees Skyrocketing Ridership; Still Faces Uncertain Financial Future Caltrain staff today presented a preliminary report to the Joint Powers Board indicating the rail service’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2014
Caltrain Responds to Record Ridership Growth with Additional Trains

Caltrain is experiencing record ridership growth following 24 months of consecutive increases.  In response to this growth, Caltrain is adding two new trains and restoring four others, previously cut due
#Caltrain Social News: August 29, 2014
Caltrain Tweets of the Week "neck beard" Just saw a guy wearing a backpack, a satchel across his belly and a mean neck beard. Caltrain does not disappoint. — Greg
Caltrain to Hold Community Meeting Tonight For San Mateo Bridges Project
Caltrain will host a community meeting tonight to discuss details of upcoming work related to the rail agency’s San Mateo Bridges Replacement Project . The meeting will be held from 7
Caltrain to Hold Meetings Next Week on Upcoming SF Bridge Construction
Caltrain will convene two community meetings next week to discuss details of the upcoming San Francisco Roadway Bridges Project. The project will include the replacement of three vehicular bridges at