SF Weekend Service Closure

Why will Caltrain temporarily suspend service in San Francisco on the weekends?

The San Francisco Weekend Service Closure is necessary to complete the Caltrain Electrification project, which will result in modernized, faster, more reliable and frequent train service throughout the system.

More work remains to be done to get these tunnels ready for electrification. We’ve selected these weekends so that we do not impact high volume weekends. Construction schedules can change, so keep checking our website to stay informed about the progress on the project.

As a part of this effort, Caltrain will perform construction work on the four train tunnels in San Francisco.

Work will include:

  • Overhead Contact System Installation

24 hour/day weekend work:

  • Start: Friday Night after Revenue Service
  • Finish: Monday Morning before Revenue Service

Free SamTrans bus service will be provided to 22nd Street and San Francisco stations during the closures. 

We suggest that customers also look to use BART at Millbrae or SamTrans to go into The City. Customers are responsible for their own fare if they choose to use other transit services to The City.

Should Clipper users travelling to/from a San Francisco station tag off and on at Bayshore Station?

Yes, Clipper customers traveling north to San Francisco or 22nd Street stations will tag on at their station of origin and tag off at Bayshore Station.

Clipper customers traveling south from San Francisco or 22nd Street stations can tag on at Bayshore Station and tag off at their final destination.

Will the San Francisco stations be completely closed on weekends?

The 22nd Street Station will be CLOSED. The San Francisco station lobby will remain open for access to restrooms, Caltrain ticket machines and Clipper Add Value machines, Tazza D'Amore, Subway and Bow-K Flowers.

Where will the bus pick up/drop off at the San Francisco station?

The bus will pick up passengers on 4th Street. Northbound passengers traveling to the station will get off the bus on 4th Street.

Where will the bus pick up/drop off at 22nd Street station?

The bus will pick up and drop off passengers on Iowa Street.

Where do I board the bus at Bayshore station?

You will board the bus staged in the station parking lot or on the adjacent street. There will be wayfinding signs and ambassadors at Bayshore and San Francisco stations to assist customers in boarding.

What if the bus is full, when will the next bus be there? Is there a bus schedule?

Several buses will be stationed at Bayshore and San Francisco stations to accommodate our customers. The Caltrain Weekend timetable with the bus schedule is available on trains or online at

Will every bus stop off at the 22nd Street Station?

Some buses will serve 22nd Street. Other buses will express directly to San Francisco station. Bus signs at Bayshore and San Francisco will designate which bus serves which stations.

Do I have to pay to ride the bus provided by SamTrans?

Caltrain customers ride the bus for free.

What do I do if the train isn’t operating Monday and there is no bus bridge available?

Regular service to San Francisco stations is planned to resume every Monday morning. If construction issues or other complications affect the resumption of regular weekday service, Caltrain will notify customers about service impacts as soon as possible through media alerts, social media, and station ambassadors.

The Caltrain website will include updated information about service impacts and available transit alternatives at Information will also be shared on Twitter @caltrain or

Are buses ADA accessible?

All buses are ADA accessible and equipped with lifts or ramps that can be used by people who use mobility devices or cannot climb steps.

Each bus also has a kneeling feature that lowers the front end so the first step is easier to reach. If you have difficulty boarding the bus, ask the operator to lower the front end or deploy the lift or ramp.

Can I bring my bike onboard the bus? 

Each bus can accommodate three bikes. We do not guarantee space for your bike or that it will fit on the bus. Other transit alternatives into San Francisco also have limited bike capacity.

Weekend passengers travelling with a bike to or from San Francisco during the closure could experience significant delays due to limited bike capacity onboard the buses. Please plan accordingly.

Whom do I contact if I left an item on the bus during the bus bridge?

Please complete the lost and found form at