How to Ride Step 1 - Plan

1. Plan > 2. Go to a Station > 3. Pay > 4. Board and Ride > 5. Arrive

Step 1: Plan
- Find a timetable; printed or online (Mobile Device? View the list of apps:
- Which direction are you going? Northbound or Southbound?
- Determine the Stations where you will be departing and arriving.
- On the timetable, locate the times that correspond to the stations, and note the train number listed at the top of the column.
- Fares are based on the number of zones traveled. Refer to the Timetable or System Map to determine the number of zones for your trip.

Types of Service:

Baby Bullet Express Service: Caltrain’s Baby Bullet express service makes it possible to travel between San Francisco and San Jose in less than an hour stopping at a few popular stations. Caltrain offers 22 weekday commute-hour bullet trains.

Limited-stop Service: Trains that serve fewer stations than local service.

Local-stop Service: Trains that serve all regular service stations.

3/21/13 - rjc