Tips for Keeping Your Bike Safe

With some trains transporting up to 80 bikes, there’s a lot of movement in the two bike cars on each train.  With so much activity, bikes may get mixed up or taken.  We’d offer the guidance below as a way to help keep your bikes safe.  We also request that customers without bikes sit in the non-bike portion of the trains. 

Bicyclists are encouraged to sit or stand near their bikes. However, that can be difficult as ridership continues to grow and trains become more crowded. If your bike is taken from the train, please complete a Lost & Found report at

To help protect your bicycle:

Immediately report any suspicious people or activities on or near the bike cars to the conductor by calling Transit Police at 1.877.723.7245.

Record the bike’s serial number, take photos and note any identifying markings in case of theft.

Rent a bike locker at a station or participate in the Bay Area Bikeshare program.

Transit Police handout “Tips to Keep Your Bike Safe” and reporting information.

Customers shouldn’t lock their bikes while it’s on the train. If you have a tip you’d like to recommend, please post it to our Facebook page or Tweet us @GoCaltrain.

6/9/14 - rjc