FAQs: New Timetables

Why is Caltrain adjusting its timetable?
Caltrain is making adjustments to its timetable to improve efficiency, reliability and connections with other transit providers. The timetable will also more accurately reflect current service operations. With increasing ridership leading to longer dwell times, and ongoing construction projects resulting in reduced speeds, Caltrain’s service had not been able to consistently meet scheduling times. The updated schedule will reflect those changes.

Is Caltrain service changing?
No. The scheduled arrival and departure times at some stations will be adjusted slightly. There will be no changes to the local, rapid and Baby Bullet service plans of Caltrain.

How will this affect my commute?
The changes should be minimal. Passengers will still be able to travel on their regular train and make their normal transit connections. However, they should consult the updated timetables here to become familiarized with the new changes.

Has Caltrain coordinated with regional transit partners like Muni, BART and VTA about the upcoming scheduling changes?
Yes. Caltrain operation planners submitted the proposed scheduling changes months in advance to other regional transportation operators. The schedule was adjusted take into consideration connections with other operators, whenever possible. Additionally, Caltrain’s partner agencies will review the new timetable when and if they make updates to their respective schedules this year.

3/23/16 - rjc