Station Security Improvement Project

Station Security Improvement Project


This project will enhance security at three Caltrain stations: San Francisco 4th & King, Millbrae, and San Jose Diridon. Caltrain conducted a security assessment of its stations that recommended a number of station improvements. Over the next six months, Caltrain will make upgrades to several of its stations in line with Office of Homeland Security standards.

The project will install high-security bollards at all three stations as physical barriers to vehicle intrusion without hindering pedestrian traffic flow. All construction will be in front of the station buildings. All station access points will remain open throughout construction and Caltrain service will not be affected. Construction of each station will last approximately two months and may overlap with each other.

Lead Agency: Caltrain


Contractors: Valentine Corporation


Project Limits: San Jose Diridon Station, Millbrae Station, San Francisco 4th and King Station


Construction Cost: $1.52 million


Begin Construction: April 2011


San Jose Diridon: April 2011

Millbrae: May 2011

San Francisco 4th & King: July 2011


End Construction: September 2011