San Mateo County Grade Crossing Improvement Project

Caltrain is starting a two-year project to improve 25 grade crossings (places where streets cross the tracks) in San Mateo County. These improvements are designed to enhance the safety for the many drivers and pedestrians who use these crossings.

Improvements include more clearly-marked pedestrian crossings with fencing and gates, improved sidewalks and pavement markings, and roadway medians. During this project, there may be some evening and weekend work. Caltrain will take all reasonable measures to ensure that noise or other disruptions are minimized. No crossings will be closed and traffic control will be coordinated with each city.

The at-grade crossings scheduled for improvements are:

- Center Street

- Broadway 
- Oak Grove Avenue
- Peninsula Avenue

San Mateo
- Villa Terrace Avenue
- First Avenue
- Second Avenue
- Third Avenue
- Fourth Avenue
- Fifth Avenue
- Ninth Avenue
- Twenty Fifth Avenue
- East Bellevue

Redwood City
- Whipple Avenue
- Brewster Avenue
- Broadway 
- Maple Avenue
- Main Street
- Chestnut Street

- Fair Oaks Lane
- Watkins Avenue

Menlo Park
- Encinal Avenue
- Glenwood Avenue
- Oak Grove Avenue
- Ravenswood Avenue

Work is scheduled to begin in January 2009 at 25th Avenue in San Mateo and will proceed to Redwood City, Atherton and Menlo Park. The remaining crossings in San Mateo and Burlingame will not occur until later in 2009 and 2010.

Construction Cost:
$10.8 million estimated

Begin Construction:
January 2009

End Construction:
Fall 2010



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