San Francisco Yard Track Reconfiguration Project

San Francisco Yard Track Reconfiguration Project

Starting in September, Caltrain will begin work to reconfigure railroad track and remove temporary construction trailers within the San Francisco Rail Yard at Fourth and King.

Over the next several months, crews will remove railroad track and perform street resurfacing on Townsend Street between Sixth and Eighth streets. In addition to allowing for more efficient railroad operations, track reconfiguration and removal will improve conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians traveling along Townsend Street.

SF Pic 2

 Tracks on Townsend and Seventh streets.
Work will take place weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is scheduled to be completed by late 2013/early 2014. Crews will make every effort to limit noise during construction, but there may be some noise impacts to surrounding businesses and residents.


Track removal and street resurfacing on Townsend Street will require reduced street and parking access for limited periods of time. Bicyclist will be allowed full use of lanes during times of reduced street access.

Reconfiguration will also require street closures of Seventh Street between Townsend and King streets. Caltrain will notify surrounding business and residents in advance with specific information about street closures or reduced street access.

Project Notices 
Community Notice - 8/29/13
Community Notice 2 - 9/30/13

Caltrain Construction Hotline: 650.508.7726

tcb - 9/3/13