Bicycle Access and Parking Planning

Bicycles are a major mode of access to the Caltrain system. On a typical weekday, more than 6,000 of Caltrain’s approximately 60,000 customers ride their bike to the train station. Most will take advantage of Caltrain’s “bikes onboard” program and bring their bicycles with them on the train. Others choose to park their bike at the station or may use a bikeshare system. For customers who have an ultimate origin or destination one to two miles from the station, bicycles provide an efficient and sustainable way to make a first- or last-mile connection. Caltrain is committed to sustaining and growing the use of bicycles to access its system.

This page provides information about ongoing and previous bicycle access and parking planning efforts undertaken by Caltrain. 

Recent Planning Efforts

Bicycle Parking Management Plan 

In 2014, Caltrain developed a Bicycle Access and Parking Plan Implementation Strategy that identified several challenges related to bicycle parking and access. One key issue identified was the need for Caltrain to establish a bike parking management plan.

Supported by a grant from the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Caltrain began the planning process for the Bicycle Parking Management Plan in mid-2016. The Plan was adopted by the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board on November 2, 2017. 

To view the adopted Plan and learn more about the recent planning efforts related to the Bicycle Parking Management Plan, please click here

Previous Planning Efforts

2014 Bicycle Access and Parking Plan Implementation Strategy 

During 2013 and 2014, Caltrain staff worked with the Caltrain Bicycle Advisory Committee to refresh and consolidate Caltrain’s 2008 Bicycle Access and Parking Plan with a new implementation strategy. The Implementation Strategy supersedes the 2008 Bicycle Access and Parking Plan. To download a copy of the Implementation Strategy, please click the link below. 

Bike Access and Parking Implementation Plan (2014) (PDF, 997 KB)

The Implementation Strategy will help Caltrain work with its partners and local communities to implement and improve bicycle access and parking throughout the system. The strategy outlines staff’s recommended approach for implementing and evolving the wayside bicycle improvements identified in the 2008 Bicycle Access and Parking Plan into a rolling improvement program. The Bicycle Access and Parking Program will update annually, improving Caltrain’s bicycle infrastructure and maximizing the use of available funding and resources. Periodic updates related to the Bicycle Access and Parking Program will be made to the Bicycle Advisory Committee. Annual updates to the Bicycle Access and Parking Program are currently on hold while Caltrain completes the Bike Parking Management Plan.

2008 Bicycle Access and Parking Plan 

The original Caltrain Bicycle Access and Parking Plan was completed and adopted in 2008.  Unfinished projects from this plan have been reviewed and carried forward as part of Caltrain’s ongoing Bicycle Access and Parking Program. To download a copy of the Draft Bicycle Access and Parking Plan, please click on the links below. 

Plan only (PDF, 1.72 MB)
Appendices only:

Appendix A (PDF, 85KB)
Appendix B: Part 1 San Francisco County (PDF, 2.79MB)
Appendix B: Part 2 San Mateo County (PDF, 3.97MB)
Appendix B: Part 3 Santa Clara County (PDF, 2.98MB)
Appendices C-H (PDF, 1.02MB)

In developing the plan, Caltrain sought extensive public comments from the public through a series of station workshops, three community meetings, a number of technical advisory group meetings, as well as two public comment periods. To view the summary comments from the Key Findings summarized at the August 2008 board meeting, and the summary comments and responses to the Draft Bicycle Access and Parking plan, please click on the links below. The final plan was presented to the Caltrain Board for approval at its Oct. 2, 2008 meeting.

Summary of Comments On Key Findings (PDF, 14.3 KB)
Summary of Comments On Draft Bike Plan (PDF, 15.3 KB)