Note: The Peninsula Rail Program is no longer being pursued. It has been replaced with the Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project and the Blended System Project. The Blended System will be implemented in accordance with the California High-Speed Rail Authority's business plan.  

The following documents were part of a Context Sensitive Solutions Tool Kit that was created for stakeholders of the San Francisco to San Jose section while the Peninsula Rail Program was being pursued. For information on the current HSR / Caltrain Blended System Project contact Ben Tripousis at

  1. Process Documents
  2. Schedule/Calendar
  3. Participants
  4. Reference Materials
  5. Exercises
    1. Mapping Context prp-css_subsections_small
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    2. Grade Separations/Vertical Options(3/31/10 - .xls, 229KB)
    3. Stitching the Corridor Together – NOTE: For TWG Only
    4. Stations - Future exercise
    5. Local Design Solutions - Future exercise
  6. Meeting Presentations & Summaries