Caltrain Schedule Changes: What You Need to Know

As Caltrain adapts to dramatic changes in its ridership, the agency is working to improve service while also allowing for physical distancing whenever possible. In the past, Caltrain has operated more than 30 variations of stopping patterns under the categories of Baby Bullet, Limited and Local trains. Caltrain strives to continue providing the right service that best meets the dynamic needs of customers while also simplifying the system for riders. To that end, Caltrain has introduced a newly-designed Limited A and B service to provide safe, convenient transportation.

New Limited Train Service Model

The new Limited A and B service simplifies travel by having trains make the same defined set of stops.

Limited trains operate twice per hour in each direction during peak commute.

Caltrain’s new schedule offers more frequent service and faster travel times, while allowing for physical distancing both onboard and at stations.

How it Works

During peak commute, Caltrain operates three trains per hour in each direction; Limited A, Limited B, and a Local. Some trips may require transferring or relying on Local service. Riders should always check the schedule prior to boarding.

To help riders more easily navigate the system, we implemented the following measures:

  • Consistent departure times for stopping patterns during peak commute hours
  • Trains are numbered to distinguish between new Limited A and B service (trains ending in 5 are Limited A, trains ending in 7 are Limited B)
  • Color-coded stopping pattern variations on the timetable clarify which trains serve each station

Moving Forward

The agency will monitor changing conditions to determine whether additional schedule modifications will be needed to further improve safety.

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