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Getting to Mountain View

Welcome to Caltrain! If you're riding our system for the first time, there are a few things you should know before heading to Super Bowl 50.

Step One
Find your nearest Caltrain Station by viewing the System Map HERE.

Step Two
Check out the schedule because not every train stops at every station.  Be sure you're boarding a train headed to your destination.
- For trips to the Big Game, Feb. 7, 2016 ONLY
- For weekday trips
- For pre-Super Bowl weekend trips

Step Three
Head to the Station and purchase your ticket.  Caltrain will accept all of its regular fare media (monthly passes, One-Way tickets, Day Passes and 8-ride tickets) and Clipper cards throughout Super Bowl week and on Game Day.  If you are transfering to VTA Light Rail in Mountain View to go to Super Bowl 50, you will need a special mobile ticket and proof of your Super Bowl ticket.  Purchase your mobile tickets HERE.

Step Four
We recommend you plan to arrive at your station early because we expect trains to be crowded. Once onboard relax and enjoy your ride.  When you arrive in Mountain View you will exit the train and head over to the VTA Light Rail platform to continue to Levi's Stadium (See map below). View the detailed Mountain View Station map HERE (MTC poster, 352KB) .

VTA Map (Light Rail/Bus) from Mt. View Station to the Super Bowl:
SB50 VTA Light Rail map
View the full VTA Light Rail System Map HERE.

1/22/16 - rjc/ja