Weekday Games Beginning at 6:45 and 7:15 p.m.

Train Schedule


200 Limited train 300 Bullet train
6:45 PM and 7:15 PM Weekday Games

Train Number 365 267 269 371 273 375 277 279 381
Zones Station



Tamien 4:33p 5:32p

San Jose Diridon 4:24p 4:30p 4:40p 4:45p 5:10p 5:20p 5:30p 5:40p 5:45p
4 Santa Clara 4:46p 5:16p 5:46p

Lawrence 4:41p 4:54p 5:41p 5:54p

Sunnyvale 5:00p 6:00p

Mountain View 4:38p 4:48p 5:05p 4:59p 5:34p 5:48p 6:05p 5:59p

San Antonio 5:09p 6:09p
3 California Avenue 5:14p 6:14p

Palo Alto 4:46p 4:56p 5:20p 5:07p 5:31p 5:42p 5:56p 6:20p 6:07p

Menlo Park 4:49p 4:59p 5:23p 5:45p 5:59p 6:23p

Redwood City 4:55p 5:29p 5:13p 5:38p 5:51p 6:29p 6:13p

San Carlos 5:07p 5:33p 5:42p 6:07p 6:33p

Belmont 5:45p

Hillsdale 5:11p 5:20p 5:49p 6:11p 6:20p
2 Hayward Park 5:52p

San Mateo 5:15p 5:40p 5:55p 6:15p 6:40p

Burlingame 5:19p 5:59p 6:19p

Millbrae 5:12p 5:48p 5:32p 6:03p 6:08p 6:48p 6:32p

San Bruno 5:26p 6:08p 6:26p

So. San Francisco* 6:12p
1 Bayshore 6:19p

22nd Street* 5:26p 5:37p 6:00p 5:47p 6:28p 6:23p 6:37p 7:00p 6:47p

San Francisco 5:33p 5:44p 6:06p 5:53p 6:35p 6:29p 6:44p 7:06p 6:53p
* Station not wheelchair accessible
- Train bypasses station
Schedule subject to change without notice