Bicycle Parking

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With limited onboard bike space, customers with bikes are encouraged to park them at Caltrain stations, when feasible. This will eliminate potential delays for cyclists who have to wait for trains with available onboard bike capacity.  Bike racks, lockers and shared-access parking facilities are available at most Caltrain stations for customers who bike to and/or from the station. Caltrain and other local agencies are upgrading and adding bike parking at train stations along the corridor.

Lockers & Shared Access Parking 
Lockers, shared access and attended parking facilities, provide a greater level of protection for bikes that are parked at Caltrain stations for extended periods. These are administered by various agencies throughout the Caltrain system. Attended bike parking allows bikes to be checked in and out with an attendance, similar to valet parking for cars.  The San Francisco Bike Parking Facility and the Palo Alto Bikestation are two facilities serving Caltrain customers.

Customers need to sign up for a key prior to using a locker or shared access shed.  For more details on locker costs, availability and to sign up for a specific Caltrain station, contact the agency listed below for that particular station. For Caltrain-managed lockers, call 650.508.6350.

For lockers managed by Caltrain, the cost is $33 for six months, plus a $25 refundable key deposit.  Note: The Caltrain locker entry dimensions are 30 inches by 44 inches. Check below for locker availability before submitting the Caltrain Bicycle Locker Rental Agreement application (PDF, 23 KB).

Bicycle racks are located at all stations, except College Park and San Martin.  When using a rack, lock the front wheel and bike frame to the rack.  For Wave racks, park your bike so that it straddles the rack, allowing other bikes to park there.  Do not lock your bike to railings, furniture, trees, poles or other fixed objects because it could impede access for others.  If your bike is stolen, report it to the Transit Police at 1.877.723.7245 (1.877.SAF.RAIL).

Station Rack
Other Bike Parking Amenities
San Francisco 0 0 No Caltrain Bike Parking Facility, operated by Bikehub – 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.; 1.415.590.3077
Ford GoBike rental bikes
22nd Street 27 N/A ---
Bayshore 18 8 Yes  
South San Francisco 18 20 Yes  
San Bruno 8 16 Yes  
Millbrae 24 28 Yes BART provided: On-demand electronic lockers available -
Broadway 18 12 Yes  
Burlingame 13 18 Yes  
San Mateo 11 12 Yes City run: On-demand electronic lockers available -
Hayward Park 18 4 Yes City run: On-demand electronic lockers available -
Hillsdale 18 12 Yes City run: On-demand electronic lockers available -
Belmont 18 24 Yes  
San Carlos 48 36 FULL  
Redwood City 18 50 FULL Bike sharing available
Atherton - 26 Yes  
Menlo Park 8 50 in bike storage shed Yes  
Palo Alto 178 94 FULL Shared access bike storage shed
Secure indoor bike parking - 888-659-2291

Bike sharing available
California Avenue 33 42 FULL  
San Antonio 18 38 Yes Bike sharing available
Mountain View 23 116 FULL Shared access bike storage shed – City of Mountain View, 650.903.6311.

Bike sharing available
Sunnyvale 18 71 FULL Electronic lockers available -
Lawrence 18 24 FULL  
Santa Clara 18 54 Yes Additional bike lockers across the street at VTA Transit Center 408.321.7520 – VTA
College Park No Bicycle Parking or Storage Facilities
San Jose Diridon 16 48 FULL Bike sharing available
Tamien 18 18 Yes On-demand electronic lockers available at VTA Transit Center
Capitol 12 24 Yes  VTA: 408.321.7520 or
Blossom Hill 10 10 Yes  VTA: 408.321.7520 or
Morgan Hill 12 30 Yes  VTA: 408.321.7520 or
San Martin No Bicycle Parking or Storage Facilities
Gilroy 13 30 Yes  VTA: 408.321.7520 or

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