2017 Public Hearing Notice

Proposed Caltrain Weekend Service Changes

Public Hearing

The Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board will hold a public hearing to receive public comment on proposed Caltrain service changes to accommodate the Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project (PCEP) and to improve and streamline Caltrain service during PCEP construction. Proposals to be considered include:

Weekend Service Changes (Proposed to take effect summer 2017)

  1. Changing Local service headways from 60 to 90 minutes with Baby Bullet service to support PCEP work windows, thereby, reducing the number of trains running on Saturdays from 36 to 28 and on Sundays from 32 to 24.

  2.  The proposed schedule is available at www.caltrain.com/proposedchanges or by calling 1.800.660.4287 (TDD only 650.508.6448).

    The proposed timetable changes will help facilitate the PCEP without requiring more drastic options such as termination of all weekend Caltrain service.

    The public hearing will be held:

    Thursday, March 2, 2017 at 10 a.m.
    Caltrain Administrative Office
    1250 San Carlos Ave., San Carlos

    Prior to the hearing, comments may be sent by mail, e-mail or phone to:
    Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board, JPB Secretary
    P.O. Box 3006, San Carlos, CA 94070-1306
    Changes@caltrain.com • 1.800.660.4287