2017 Proposed Changes - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Caltrain adjusting it weekday and weekend service?

    Caltrain is proposing weekday and weekend service changes to accommodate construction activities in spring/summer 2017 related to the Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project (PCEP), a key component of the Caltrain Modernization program and other Capital Projects that will occur simultaneously with electrification – Los Gatos Bridge, 25th Ave. Grade Separation, and South San Francisco Rehab projects.
  2. When will the changes take effect:

    The proposed weekday timetable changes will take effect on April 10, 2017 and the weekend changes summer 2017.
  3. What are some of the proposed weekday changes?

    • Caltrain will add six stops to train 305 – Sunnyvale, California Avenue, San Carlos, San Mateo, Burlingame and San Bruno.
    • Separation of southbound AM peak Baby Bullet trains 312 & 314 and 322 & 324 to improve efficiency and time spacing for passengers. Currently, the trains operate back-to-back.
    • Revise  train numbers and station stops:
      • Existing 210 becomes proposed 212 (Limited)
      • Existing 312 becomes proposed 310 (Bullet)
      • Existing 220 becomes proposed 222 (Limited)
      • Existing 322 becomes proposed 320 (Bullet)
      • Existing 230 becomes proposed 232 (Limited)
      • Existing 332 becomes proposed 330 (Bullet)
    • Add Santa Clara stops to trains 262 and 272 to improve connections with Capitol Corridor and ACE.
    • Remove reverse peak Tamien service due to low ridership. A stop will be removed in the AM on trains 208, 218, and 228. A stop will be added to Bullet trains 310, 320 and 330. During PM peak service, a stop will be removed from 263, 273 and 283. A 287 stop will be removed and added on train 289.
    • By removing the reverse peak Tamien service, Caltrain is able to add an additional one hour and 45 minute dwell time to fuel and service equipment.
    • Departure time adjustments during off-peak periods will be made to enable all train meets to occur at control points which will allow flexibility to the operation to accommodate PCEP work windows.
  4. How will this affect my commute?

    The weekday timetable has minimal departure adjustments, with added service to several trains. The weekend timetable will be changed from service every 60 minutes with Baby Bullet service to 90 minute schedules with Baby Bullet service.
  5. Will Caltrain be reducing service on weekends?

    Yes. On weekends the following changes are proposed:

    Current Timetable 
    Service every 60 minutes
    36 trains on Saturday
    32 trains on Sunday

    Summer 2017 Weekend Timetable
    Service every 90 minutes
    28 trains on Saturday
    24 trains on Sunday
  6. How long will the PCEP project affect weekend service?

    The project will affect service for three years or more with a proposed finish date end of 2020. The adjusted timetable will be in effect during that time.
  7. Were other weekend service alternatives considered?

    Yes. Various alternatives with the least impact on Caltrain customers and the project’s contractor were considered, in lieu of more severe options such as a shutdown of weekend service.
  8. How will the proposed service changes affect shuttle service?

    Weekday and weekend shuttle service will be impacted by the proposed service changes. However, current service levels will remain with the best optimal connections with Caltrain.
  9. Has Caltrain coordinated with regional transit partners like Muni, BART and VTA regarding the proposed changes?

    Yes, the timetable changes have been shared with its transit partners and stakeholders.

    There are constraints and limitations with each transit agency service and operations. Still, where possible, staff will coordinate timely transit connections.
  10. How will Caltrain communicate the proposed changes to the public?

    Caltrain will be discussing and taking comments regarding the changes at nine of its stations over several weekdays and weekends in January and immediately preceding the Citizens Advisory Committee meeting in December. Presentations will also be made at community meetings, and to community-based organizations and the advisory committees.

    A complete list and schedule of all public meetings is available at www.caltrain.com/proposedchanges.
  11. When will the proposed weekday and weekend timetable changes be available for review?

    Final drafts are available at www.caltrain.com/proposedchanges.
  12. When will the 2017 Service Changes be finalized?

    The JPB Board will receive an informational update on the final weekday timetable changes at the Feb. 2, 2017 Board meeting. Because the weekday changes are minor and are not considered a “major service change” under the FTA 2016 Title VI Compliance Program, JPB Board action is not required. Public comments will be considered prior to finalizing weekday changes

    The JPB Board will be requested to vote on the approval of the weekend timetable changes at the March 2, 2017 Board meeting. Because weekend changes are considered a “major service change” under the FTA 2016 Title VI Compliance Program (>25% reduction of total revenue train miles per day for any service day of the week), the JPB Board is required to approve the weekend changes along with the Title VI Equity Analysis report before they are implemented. Public comments will be considered prior to finalizing weekend changes. For information on the Caltrain Title VI program, visit www.caltrain.com/TitleVI.
  13. When will the proposed changes be implemented?

    The weekday timetable will take effect on Monday, April 10, 2017 and the weekend timetable summer 2017.


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