Environmental Assessment/Draft Environmental Impact Report (April 2004)

Cover Page (PDF, 149.6 KB)

Page 2 (PDF, 85.7 KB)

Summary (PDF, 355 KB)

Table of Contents (PDF, 106.8 KB)

Chapter 1: Purpose of and Need for Project (PDF, 677.4 KB)

Chapter 2: Project Description (PDF, 3.74 MB)

Chapter 3: Environmental Setting and Consequences (PDF, 3.04 MB)

Chapter 4: Temporary Effects During Construction (PDF, 225.2 KB)

Chapter 5: CEQA Findings of Significance (PDF, 116 KB)

Chapter 6: Consultation and Coordination (PDF, 117.4 KB)

Appendix A: Environmental Checklist Form (PDF, 39 KB)

Appendix B: Definitions, Abbreviations, and Acronyms (PDF, 140.2 KB)

Appendix C: Agency Correspondence (PDF, 60.2 KB)

Appendix D: Distribution List (PDF, 131.8 KB)

Appendix E: Bibliography (PDF, 137 KB)

Appendix F: List of Preparers (PDF, 130.1 KB)