San Jose Diridon and Santa Clara Station Improvements


The combined project is one of a number of projects aimed at bringing Caltrain up to a state of good repair in preparation for its plan to electrify the system by 2015. Under this project, the San Jose Diridon terminal station and the Santa Clara station will be modernized and renovated to improve connections with regional rail services, improve safety and operational flexibility and, in conjunction with other future projects, allow for future expansion of service.

San Jose Diridon Station

At the San Jose Diridon station, two new, fully-equipped boarding platforms will be built on the west side of the station, along with tracks on each side of the platforms. The new platforms will provide needed operational flexibility for the current level of service and future increased service operated by Caltrain, Altamont Commuter Express, Capitol Corridor, and Amtrak Coast Starlight passenger trains. Union Pacific freight trains also must pass through the station. Additionally, stairs and Americans with Disability Act mandated ramps will provide access the existing pedestrian underpass from the new platforms.

The project also includes the reconstruction of signal control points both ends of the station, allowing quicker train movement in and out.

Santa Clara Station

The Santa Clara station has a regular platform for southbound passengers but had a narrow center boarding platform for northbound passengers. Three non-signalized at-grade pedestrian crossings connected the two platforms. Due to that configuration, Santa Clara was a “hold-out” station in which only one train could remain in the station at a time. This limited the ability to move trains quickly through the station, adding to customers’ travel time and reducing operational flexibility.

The modernization project added a new outboard northbound platform and extended the southern platform 150 feet. A new pedestrian underpass now connects the two platforms. This allows two trains to pass through the station at the same time and improves safety for pedestrians at the station.

At the same time, a track turnout at the southern end of the station was relocated to improve rail operations. When the work is fully complete, Altamont Commuter Express trains will resume its service to the Santa Clara station, which was suspended a few years ago. Capitol Corridor also may add this station stop to its schedule in the future.

Project Documents:
Factsheet(PDF, 115KB)

Lead Agency: Caltrain

Contractor: S.J. Amoroso Construction Co., Inc.

Project Limits: San Jose Diridon Station, Santa Clara Station

Construction Cost: $25 million

Began Construction: February 2010

End Construction: Winter 2012