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World's Greatest: Caltrain - CalMod reference (Ion Network, October 2015)  
Caltrain E-News: Summer Edition (September)
San Francisco Agency Awards $20 million to Caltrain Project (Progressive Railroading, July 30, 2015) 
Board Approves $20M Caltrain Electrification Project (KRON4, July 30, 2015)
Caltrain Electrification Project gets $20 million Boost from Air District (Railroad Track & Structure, July 30, 2015)
Air Quality Board Approves Funding for Caltrain Electrification (KTVU, July 30, 2015)
Air District Board Approves $20m for Caltrain Electrification Project (Mercury News, July 30, 2015)
Air District Awards $20 Million to Caltrain Electrification Project (July 29, 2015)
Air district may chip in for Caltrain electrification (San Mateo Daily Journal, July 27, 2015)
Jerry Hill Seeks More Cap and Trade Funds for Transit: Caltrain's Plans for Electrification Could Benefit (San Mateo Daily Journal, July 17, 2015)
Surface Transportation Board Determines Caltrain's Electrification Project is not within it's Jurisdiction (July 8, 2015)  
Caltrain, Trade Councils OK Labor Pact for Electrification (Progressive Railroading, July 6, 2015)
Caltrain Board Approves Project Labor Agreement for Electrification (July 2, 2015)
Caltrain Video Details 'New Advanced Signal System' (Campbell Patch, June 22, 2015)
PTC for the masses (Railway Age,  June 18, 2015)
Caltrain Releases Video Overview of New Advanced Signal System (June 18, 2015)
Caltrain Workshop Focuses on New Electric Train Cars (Progressive Railroading, May 21, 2015)
Caltrain to Hold Special Workshop on Electric Train Cars (May 19, 2015)
Caltrain E-News: Winter Edition (March 2015)
Caltrain to invite electrification proposals (International Rail Journal, February 10, 2015)
Caltrain Board Authorizes Release of Electrification Design Build RFP (February 6, 2015)
Caltrain Board Certifies Final Environmental Impact Report and Approves Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project (January 8, 2015)