Caltrain Modernization Program Documents

Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project (PCEP) 
Fact Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
PCEP Jobs Across the United States
2014 PCEP Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)
2014 PCEP Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)

PCEP Monthly Progress Reports
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PCEP Quarterly Reports
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CalMod E-Newsletter
December 2017

Project Fact Sheet  
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

PCEP Request for Proposals (RFP) 
Electrification DB

Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Waiver 2009
Caltrain Mixed Traffic Request (PDF,868k)
Ref01-Feb09 Key Findings (PDF,149k)
Ref02 - not included (PDF, 101k)
Ref03 -CBOSS Technical Description_DRAFT (PDF,55k)
Ref04-Structural Analysis of European EMU - Rev3 12-1-09 (PDF,5939k)
Ref05-1-San Mateo County crossings (PDF,17k)
Ref05-2-Final Santa Clara Safety Improvements_v5.0Final (PDF,797k)
Ref06-1-Track_Charts_Infrastructure_Assets_Tables_20050601_P (PDF,50k)
Ref06-2-Track_Charts_Clearance_Table_20050601 (PDF,32k)
Ref07-Caltrain 2025 Preliminary Hazard Analysis Worksheets (PDF,132k)
Ref08-Caltrain European EMU CFR Compliance Evaluation Final (PDF,758k)

Caltrain/HSR Blended System Documents

Caltrain/HSR Blended System - 2029
Blended System

Caltrain/HSR Blended Grade Crossing and Traffic Analysis, June 2013 (PDF, 11.1MB)
Caltrain/HSR Blended Grade Crossing and Traffic Analysis Appendix (PDF, 1.56MB)
Caltrain/HSR Service Plan/Operations Considerations Analysis, June 2013 (PDF, 2.1MB)
Caltrain/HSR Service Plan/Operations Considerations Analysis Appendices (PDF, 13.45MB)
Planning Process (PDF, 12KB)
Caltrain/HSR Blended Operations Analysis, March 2012 (PDF, 7.75MB)

Agreements/Memorandum of Understanding

Agreements/Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
7-Party Supplemental MOU
Oversight Protocol 
2016 JPB/CHSRA Agreement 
2013 JPB/CHSRA Agreement (PDF, 2.93MB)
2012 HSR Early Investment 9 party MOU (PDF, 817KB)
Amendment #1 to Agreement (October, 2009) (PDF, 160KB)
Agreement (2009) (PDF, 1340KB)
Memorandum of Understanding (2004) (PDF, 170KB)