Interior Transit Display (Adcards) for Public Service Advertising and Cross-promotional Advertising

Download policy (.PDF) HERE
Fill out the Adcard Placement Request form HERE

Non-profit agencies that want to advertise a public service announcement may do so through a program managed by the San Mateo County Transit District.  Agencies may request space to display interior adcards on Caltrain train cars.  The non-profit agency is responsible for producing the adcards.  Caltrain also may participate in cross-promotional advertising with companies or venues located near train stations.

A link to Caltrain's advertising policy is provided above.  Adcards will be posted for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days. There is a $50 posting fee required before posting.  Detachments or tear-aways are not permitted on the cards.  All adcard copy and design must be approved by the Caltrain Market Research & Development Department prior to printing.

Adcard specifications:

Size: 11” high x 28” wide
Paper Stock: 24 point cover-board
Quantity: 150
Design Note: For maximum legibility, the live content area should not exceed ¾” on all sides from the edge to accommodate fasteners that secure the artwork in place.


Fill out the Adcard Placement Request form HERE

4/28/16 - cfk