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What You Can Do

trash-300pxPlease join the many Caltrain riders who help make sure that our waterways stay clean. When at stations, throw your trash in one of the bins provided. Caltrain has an extensive recycling program that helps separate trash from compost and recyclables. Read more about our recycling program HERE.

Even before reaching the bay, trash can cause harm by clogging storm sewers and streams. Many communities host clean-up events with volunteers collecting trash in creeks and along shorelines. For more information on participating in an upcoming event, click on one of the counties: San Francisco,  San Mateo, Santa Clara.

You can help further by using less toxic options at home to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Please dispose of chemicals, including pesticides, and motor oil at properly licensed disposal facilities. Many municipalities offer free disposal options and information on how to properly dispose of all sorts of household wastes.Visit webpages for these counties where Caltrain operates to find out more: San Francisco,  San Mateo County, Santa Clara County.

Common sources of storm water pollution and pollution solutions are listed below:

  • Mercury from broken florescent lamps, old batteries and thermometers (Solution: take these items to authorized drop-off facilities)
  • Leaking oil, antifreeze and gasoline from cars (Solution: regular maintenance, use drip pans as necessary)
  • Motor oil from oil changes on cars, lawn mowers, small equipment (Solution: take used oil to a nearby car maintenance business for disposal) car-wash-300px
  • Soaps and other chemicals (Solution: wash cars at commercial car washes)
  • Copper dust from auto brake pads stuck to the car (Solution: wash cars at commercial car washes where the dust is captured, drive less by taking public transit)
  • Rubber tire dust from auto tires (Solution: drive less by taking public transit)
  • Leaves and lawn clippings (Solution: bundle clippings and put them in an appropriate waste bin)
  • Pet waste (Solution: collect and dispose of pet waste in an appropriate waste bin)

At home, you can replace your pavement with soil, rock or other permeable materials to encourage the natural process of infiltration to prevent storm water pollution. Find out more about projects that help reduce storm water runoff impacts and explore other ways that you can help reduce storm water pollution by visiting the San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program or the Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program.

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If you‘d like to report a storm water issue on the Caltrain system, please call Customer Service at 1.800.660.4287.

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