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What Caltrain is Doing


Caltrain is implementing a number of practices to reduce the flow of pollutants in storm water, including:

  • Providing convenient, single-stream trash collection facilities on trains and in stations
  • Completing reoccurring trash and debris pickups along the rail corridor
  • Installing storm drain inlet markers to raise awareness of the storm drain system
  • Installing and maintaining green landscaping that can filter storm water pollution before it reaches the storm sewer
  • Conducting regular storm water pollution awareness and prevention training for employees

Examples of Green Landscaping
Caltrain installs green landscaping to use the power of plants to filter pollutants out of storm water before it flows to rivers, creeks, and eventually the ocean. Green landscaping, including bioswales, keeps trash, car brake dust, motor oil drips, and other pollutants out of our waterways.

Bioswale at San Carlos Transit Center Bioswale at San Carlos Transit Center

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If you‘d like to report a storm water issue on the Caltrain system, please call Customer Service at 1.800.660.4287.

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