Refund Policy

Caltrain's policy allows for the refund of a Monthly Pass.  An unused Monthly Pass, returned prior to the date the pass first became valid, will be refunded for the full fare paid. A Monthly Pass returned during the month for which it's issued will be pro-rated and refunded based on the remaining period of non use (the value of two one-way fares per weekday up to the date the pass is returned for refund).  Please contact Clipper® at or 1.877.878.8883.

One-way, Day Pass, 8-ride, Zone Upgrade tickets and parking permits are non-refundable. However, if you have purchased the tickets through the station ticket machine and feel there are extenuating circumstances and you would like to request a refund review, please download and complete the Refund Request form below and submit it for consideration.  Any questions regarding 8-ride Ticket refund issues should be directed to Clipper at the contact information above.

If a ticket machine runs out of change, it will issue a “Refund Receipt”.  The Refund Receipt may be exchanged for cash at Caltrain headquarters in person or through the mail.  Details are located in the Refund Receipt form below.

Please select the appropiate form because incorrect forms will not be accepted.
  • Refund Request Form (PDF)
  • Refund Receipt Form (PDF)

    Refund Receipt Sample

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